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Stories – Failures & Success

I grow up in a digital and design firm, moved to London, Boston and San Francisco to studied with people from around the globe, started a movement against the taboo of divorce and work against in-poverty and the empowerment of the bottom-line in the Philippines. Wherever I am, I try to walk with open eyes and a free mind, with the motivation to learn, explore and create a better tomorrow. What I’ve learned: Fare more than what you’ve done, it’s your mind- and skill-set, together with the people you choose to work with that determines what you are capable of doing and will see as an achievement. Here, I open the stage for the behind the scene: The bloody nice people, smart thinkers and ambitious makers, I have had the pleasure to spend time with, working on digital futures, social impact and empowerment of others.

May, 2018

Harlene, Filipino Entrepreneur

Harlene is the most entrepreneurial spirits, I've had the pleasure to meet: from a mountain area to an entrepreneur of four businesses. While exploring her country, the in-work poverty issue was present in all parts of life. Currently, we are testing models to educate women in mountain communities, embrace their skills and establish startups that create fair jobs. Together with a fashion designer and an online fashion store owner, we will start to produce the first nursery collection for brust feeding women in July - made by women from mountain areas in the Philippines, who's skillset we develop. The revenue will be used to expand the business and create new, fair jobs.