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Inspire others to grow.

I am Co-Founder and President of the Hult Marketing Club London. Starting this club was never on my list. Somehow it just happened and it was one of my greatest experience during my Masters at Hult International Business School. I love to share my experiences and empower people by building bridges through events and digital spaces. I believe if we sourround ourself with those who see greatness in us and challenge us to grow. We established a base of 150+ members and connected the club internationally from London to Boston and San Fransisco. Our activities included organizing workshops and events, participating in international challenges and connecting students with industry experts or alumni.


Highlights 2016/17

This is a selection of our highlights of the program 2016/17: ● Participating in the Google Online Marketing Challenge 2017. ● Tour to the brand and and design museum in London. ● Google Job talk with Hult Alumni about their Marketing responsibilities and application process. ● Workshop about how to make amazing presentations and business cards by using templates.