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Product Lead of Experience Platform, startup in Germany

Product Lead of Experience Platform

come2coach started as a web-platform with the mission to bring together life long learners and ambitious individuals to share their passion. In my role as Product Manager (at Markenkonstrukt), I led a cross-functional team of 20 people (design, software development, external agencies, media production). This slides are outtakes of the mobile application storyboard. Over two years, I managed the continuous iteration of the web-, mobile platform as well as the online community channels (blog, social media, events – coachings). Credit for the Visual Design goes to my long-year colleague and Creative Director Ricardo Gantschnigg with whom I worked on come2coach from the first idea in 2014 towards the launch of the web-application beta in June 2015, until the official launch and mobile concept development.

I am going to publish more insights about the user experience strategy, business model and value proposition design, prototyping and testing.