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Product Lead of Experience Platform, startup in Germany


Product Lead of Experience Platform

come2coach started as a web-platform with the mission to bring together life long learners and ambitious individuals to share their passion. The slides are outtakes of the mobile application storyboard as well a documentation about the creation process.


Tasks and achievements:

  • Validation of business model and product design through market research and testing.
  • Stakeholder and agile project management: led team of 15+ people from design, software development, external agencies to media production over two years, presentation and pitch creation for investor relationship.
  • Product development via Lean UX principles: managed continuous iteration of web-, mobile platform and community channels; planning, execution and evaluation of user research, translated insights into customer profiles and actions via roadmap.
  • Successful execution of growth strategy and strategic partnerships with effective long-term revenue plans: secured 80+ coaches and conducted 120+ workshops in six month.


Credit for the Visual Design goes to my long-year colleague and Creative Director Ricardo Gantschnigg. come2coach is a product by MK INTERACTIVE GmbH, CEO Yannic Tremmel and Norman Mueller.