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Create the things you wish existed.”

Vanessa Rosenthal - Product Manager & Interaction Designer

Vanessa Rosenthal

Product Manager & Interaction Designer

DoB: June 02, 1992
Based in: Germany
+(49) 176 - 588 767 32
Education: MSc(IBM)

Hi! I'm an Optimist, Product Manager & UX Strategist by background, Entrepreneur by heart and Service & Interaction Designer by training. Driven by curiosity, empathy and a deep interest in philosophy and the future, I create experiences, products, and human interactions. For me, next-generation products solve problems, challenge the status quo and enable social change and sustainable growth.

I grow up in a digital and design firm. My 5+ years track counts small and screens - and beyond. I led cross-functional teams in design, strategy, and technology as well as two startups, but also love getting your hands dirty in the design process. What I've learned is: more than what you have done, it is your mind- and skill-set, together with the people you work with that determines what you can create, change and achieve. During my Masters specialized in innovation strategy and new product development, I had the opportunity to live and work in three of the most vibrant cities in the world - London-Boston-SF. I expanded my design methodologies by taking the IDEO U “designing for change“ course and become a member of the Interaction Design Foundation.

Social innovation, ed-tech, and circular-economy concepts are things I see as meaningful to build the tomorrow. Thus, I do pro bono work for social entrepreneurs, test models against in-work poverty in the Philippines and am part of #hackforhumanity Boston.