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Create the things you wish existed.”

Vanessa Rosenthal - Product Manager & Interaction Designer

Vanessa Rosenthal

Product Manager & Strategist

Based in: Germany
+(49) 176 - 588 767 32
Education: MSc(IBM)

Hi! I'm a Product Manager by background, optimist by nature and entrepreneur by heart driven by curiosity, empathy and a deep interest in philosophy and the future.

With 5+ years experience in running strategic programs, I've worked across human computer interactions, new ventures and design research projects. My strength lies in process design, trend research and concept testing. However, I also love to run strategic workshops and transfer ideas and findings into keynote models to show the big picture.

I'm part of the Spekulative Futures team London, co-organised the #hackforhumanity Social Impact Hackathon at Hult Boston and am constantly working to test and improve models against in-work poverty and waste management concepts in the Philippines, because I believe that social entrepreneurship and behavioural change leads us forwards.

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